I’m just gonna leave this here

(under the cut bc its nsfw)

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warmup <:

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"Why the fuck am I so sparkly&#8230;"
((This is actually gonna be gigantic

and lineless
I&#8217;m about 3/4ths of the way done with it.&#160;; u ;))
jirachiofthestars: my cheeks cant possibly be as sweet as your lips ;)

Oh, you flatter me. Don’t you know its not in your best interest to talk to a succubus?

jirachiofthestars: OMG YOU'RE BACK <3

Heya sweet cheeks (;

Drawn by http://tintenhai.tumblr.com/
thanks again for the kickass art trade c: ♥♥♥
jirachiofthestars: onii, that's a very nice hairstyle you have :3

My bun? I’m pretty lazy when it comes to hair…

jirachiofthestars: yes it is, and i want to give you one uwu


Hehe that sounds grand!